GET api/folders

Returns all the folders of the current customer, i.e. all subfolders of the customer's top folder.

POST api/folders

Creates a new folder, which is a sub folder in the current customer's top folder.

GET api/folders/{id}

Returns a specific folder.

PUT api/folders/{id}

Updates the folder with the given id.

DELETE api/folders/{id}

Deletes the folder of the given id.

GET api/folders/GetFolderByName/{name}

Returns the folders with the given name.


GET api/users

Get all users

POST api/users

Create a new user. If it is attempted to create a user with an EPPN that already exists within the same organisation, then an error message is returned. If it is attempted to create a user with an EPPN that already exists for a user in a different organisation, then the user is created in the proxy, but not in Adobe Connect. Instead, the proxy user is linked to the old user with the same EPPN.

GET api/users/{id}

Get a specific user

PUT api/users/{id}

Update a user

DELETE api/users/{id}

Remove a user This will remove the user in Adobe Connect

POST api/users/AddUserWithHost/{meetingId}/{permission}

Create a user and add the user to the meeting with permissions

GET api/users/FindUsersByEmail?email={email}

Search for a user by email This will search for users within the group, and in the root.

POST api/users/BindUser/{adobeConnectId}/{organizationId}

Bind a adobe connect user id to an organization id

POST api/users/UnBindUser/{organizationId}

Unbind a user


GET api/recordings/GetMeetingRecordings/{meetingId}

Get all recordings for a meeting

GET api/recordings/{recordingId}

Get a specific recording

PUT api/recordings/{recordingId}

Rename a recording

DELETE api/recordings/{recordingId}

Remove a recording

POST api/recordings/Publish/{recordingId}

Publish a recording

DELETE api/recordings/Publish/{recordingId}

Unpublish a recording

GET api/recordings/Publish/{recordingId}

Is the specified recording publicly available.


GET api/groups

Get all group

POST api/groups

Create a group

GET api/groups/{id}

Get a specific group

PUT api/groups/{id}

Update a group

DELETE api/groups/{id}

Remove a group

POST api/groups/AddUserToGroup/{userid}/{groupid}

Add a user to a group

POST api/groups/AddObjectToGroup/{objectid}/{groupid}

Add a object o a group

DELETE api/groups/RemoveUserFromGroup/{userid}/{groupid}

Remove a user from a group

DELETE api/groups/RemoveObjectFromGroup/{objectid}/{groupid}

Remove a object form a group


GET api/meetings

List of all meetings

POST api/meetings

Create a new meeting

GET api/meetings/{id}

List of all meetings within the specified folder.

PUT api/meetings/{id}

Update a meeting

DELETE api/meetings/{id}

Delete a meeting

GET api/meetings/single/{id}

Get a specific meeting, Can return error code 404 and 500

POST api/meetings/AddUserToMeeting/{userId}/{meetingId}/{permission}

Add a user to a meeting

POST api/meetings/RemoveUserFromMeeting/{userId}/{meetingId}

Remove a user from a meeting